Specialized in Micronutrition
and Functional Biology



With a background in biology and specialized in nutrition, my academic and professional career has naturally lead me to the health promotion.
In practice, micronutrition helps me consider differently functional disorders, whilst offering a global and tailored approach. In fact, it is a unique science since it allows the highlighting of individual imbalances and deficits beyond biological analyses and symptoms.



" Micronutrition can be seen as the direct application of biochemistry, a science supported by thousands of publications. "

Based on numerous experiences acquired with my patients, I started to care about the intestinal region and microbiology. I had the occasion to collaborate on different research works in Swiss hospitals and universities, whilst developing a strong basis of competences in contact with senior specialists.

Nutritionist and active therapist, I keep up to date with the latest medical advances in the field of nutrition, health and performance. I regularly attend various conferences and collaborate with many professionals, doctors, osteopaths and performance specialists.


2015-2017 Master of Science (MSc) Nutrition, Food & Health (in progress)
2014-2016 Diploma - Orthomolecular Therapy
Certificate - Digestive disorders and Micronutrition
2012-2015 Bachelor of Science (BSc) Food Technology
Diploma - Nutrition (MCO)
2009-2012 Bachelor of Science (BSc) Biology


Personalized advice and programs

Step processing protocols

Supervision by professionals


Conferences and workshops

Press review, scientific publications

Training on demand


Business services

Product development

HACCP & Food safety

Support for Regulatory Affairs

Tailored Consultation

A successful patient care lean above all on global improvement of alimentation quality. In practice, we design a nutritional strategy which fits your expectations.
Different analyzes are proposed in order to guarantee the quality of the follow-up: Impedancemetry for the evaluation of body composition, biological tests (urine, salivary and blood tests) for the detection of micronutritional imbalances and respiratory test for digestive disorders investigation.


Hydrogen/Methane breath test (prior consultation required)              

  • Lactose, fructose, maltose and saccharose intolerance
  • Polyols malabsorption (sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol)
  • Intestinal transit time
  • SIBO
  • Intestinal dysbiosis  


First consultation price is CHF 180.-

  • Reimbursement according to the general conditions of the ASCA registered insurers
  • Consultation booking, information and cancellation exclusively by phone
  • Office or videoconference (Skype) consultation
  • Payment in cash or by TWINT

Skills area

The intestinal mucosa contains the major part of the immune system and with the more than 200 million neurons that innervate it, the way you eat obviously influences your mood, your performance and your health.
Many symptoms (chronic fatigue, weight gain, water retention, anemia, allergies, skin problems) are very often directly linked to an imbalance of the microbiota and the real challenge will be to grasp the close relationship that exists between the gut and health. Treating and rebalancing the intestinal microflora will, for example, reduce fat production, relieve the liver and decrease the impact of toxins and inflammation in joint pain and autoimmunity.

Having devoted my last years of research to the study of functional colopathies and dysbioses, I have developed a multidisciplinary approach, both therapeutic and preventive. If weight management and athletic performance represent a considerable part of my work, I propose above all a follow-up to gastrointestinal disorders.

Main areas of interest

  • Candidiasis, dysbiosis and SIBO
  • Intestinal transit disorders, diarrhea and constipation
  • Gastritis, abdominal pain and bloating
  • Gastroparesis, nausea and gastric reflux
  • Intestinal hyperpermeability
  • Lyme disease
  • Acne, eczema and psoriasis
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Chronic fatigue and frequent infections
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders in children
  • Crohn's disease, celiac disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrom
  • Weight gain and hepatic steatosis
  • Fibromyalgia